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DEMOCRAT for the 10th District of Texas

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for United States Representative

10th District of Texas

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The voters have spoken. The reutlts are unfortunate for anyone hoping to unseat the incumbent.

  1. The protest vote among Repulicans is strong, Jared Lovelace pulling more votes from McCaul than the Democratic total.

  2. The results show the new district is 4-t0-1 Republican. Insurmountable without a crossover vote.

Kate Cox and Allie Phillips deserved better from America

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Please hear Allie's abortion ban reality.   

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10th District of Texas

Counties by Population in District 

Brazos (100%)              

Travis (14%)                  

Waller (100%)                

Bastrop (54%)          

Williamson (8%)      

Washington (100%)            

Austin (100%)                 

Grimes (100%)               

Fayette (100%)            

Colorado (100%)          

Burleson (100%)          

Lee  (100%)              

Madison (100%)              

D10 map light_edited_edited.jpg














Deep in the Heart of Texas

Texas’ 10th district was designed to silence Democratic voices through aggressive partisan gerrymandering. The map creates a solid Travis County Republican majority and strings Lake Travis to 13 mostly rural counties, submerging progressive voters.

This effective strategy protects an incumbent by ensuring Democratic challengers appear culturally disconnected and are vastly outnumbered, preventing change and stoking division.

Our diverse coalition will unite this disparate district. We are building an inclusive movement giving voice to Texans - urban and rural, liberal and conservative.



Democrats must unite with Independents and reasonable Republicans - to restore decency, truth, and the rule of law. The path is clear. We must turn out to vote in record numbers to secure Democratic control of the House. This is our bulwark against tyranny and our best hope of steering Texas back towards its highest values.

Reproductive Freedom

A Democratic House majority is necessary to codify Roe. Senate S.4688, Reproductive Freedom for All, authored by Tim Kaine received cosponsorhsip from Senator Joe Manchin in Feb 6 is likely to pass, but needs help in the House. My candidacy helps Texas women and obstetricians restore their dignity, privacy and freedom.  

Defending Liberty

The repeal of Roe and Show Me Your Papers are part of a coordinated effort to roll back Civil Liberties. We must respond effectively and defeat the persistent effort to reduce freedom in America.

Artificial Intelligence

Rapidly accelerating technologies like Quantum Computing and Artificial Intelligence hold immense promise but also peril without thoughtful guidance. These fields will unlock countless innovations. But rapid disruption risks leaving people behind while empowering new threats. I will pursue a committee assignment with these technologies to spur innovation that enriches Texans while curbing harmful outcomes.


Our two great research universities deserve federal investment in emerging technology. Our students deserve a finance process more streamlined and manageable. We should provide unwavering support for Federal programs that support early education like Head Start, which helps children to reach their potential. 

Defending Democracy

American democracy faces a dire threat in 2024 that demands urgent action. We cannot stand idle as authoritarianism looms. After we secure a Democratic House majority and defeat Trump, I will immediatly cosponsor the John Lewis Voting Rights Act and advocate for automatic voter registration. 

Social Security and Drug Costs

Proposed Republican Social Securty and Mediacare cuts will harm seniors, thier caregivers and the economy. We must defend seniors from these attacks while continuing to lower prescription drug prices.

Infrastructure & clean tech

TX-10 deserves a Congressman who will work for the voters to secure deliverables. Strategic infrastructure investments in clean tech will benefit TX-10 with cleaner air, healthier communities, and good manufacturing jobs. I will work to secure immediate local investments in distributed solar and wind, energy efficient heating and cooling systems, rain catchment systems and low emissions transit.

Job Creation

As technology is rapidly changing, lives and incomes will be disrupted. Our agricultural communities deserve leadership. As I work on technology in the House, I will work towards projects for TX-10 with good union jobs to answer turbulence coming to our farm and ranch communities.

Twelfth Amendment

"The person having the greatest number of votes for President, shall be the President, if such number be a majority of the whole number of Electors appointed; and if no person have such majority...the House of Representatives shall choose immediately, by ballot, the President. But in choosing the President, the votes shall be taken by states, the representation from each state having one vote"

We must prevent the 2024 election outcome from being dictated by GOP extremists in the House. Texans can defend democracy by voting for Democratic representatives locally.

We must vote Biden for President and also usher in Democratic representatives to do the hard work of running the government and defending our civil liberties. With your vote, we can deliver a Congress aligned to Texan priorities.


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